Who we are

Magelight Press is a publishing imprint that focuses on M/M (Gay) Fantasy Romance, Urban Fantasy Romance, and Paranormal Romance books for ebook and print. We strive for excellence in functionality and beauty in every book we publish, and intend to make readers’ experiences pleasant and easy on the eyes by making our book covers gorgeous and eye catching, and making the words virtually disappear with their clean, elegant lines so each reader can get lost in the story rather than jarred out of it by errors, crazy fonts, and horrid formatting.

We also provide services for indie authors. We strive to provide quality services at an affordable cost, from formatting and beta-reading, to a comprehensive class to master print formatting.

Self-publishing doesn’t have to mean terrible quality or a poor reading experience. We aim to deliver the best with fast turnaround times, stellar communication, and affordable pricing for indie authors.

Jennifer Amriss provides our course on Adobe Indesign, walking you through each step of the process to turn your manuscript into a press quality PDF to upload to almost any POD service to get your books into print. She is a fantasy author, and our expert formatter. Jessica M. is our founder, editor, a secondary formatter, and our class technician. If you have any problems, Jessica is the one to give you all the help you need. Mike G. is our all around tech guru, making sure the site runs smoothly. You probably won't see him around, unless something breaks.

Our Founding Principles

  • Utter transparency- If you find anything unclear, please email info@magelightpress.com so we may remedy the issue. We want you to know all that we do in as much detail as possible so that you are not left guessing. Some may say this is "over-sharing", but we consider it a necessity so that each customer knows exactly what they are getting, what they will not be getting, what you need to give us in order to help you, and why we need it.
  • Affordable prices- We know that being a self-published author is hard, both financially and emotionally and want to help take some of that burden off your shoulders so you can get back to writing.
  • Stellar Service- We aim to take care of you and your needs to the best of our ability with open, honest, caring, and timely communication. Contact us at any time to ask questions. We're here to help!
  • Kindness- This industry is hard, and dealing with people shouldn't be. The owner of Magelight Press suffers from social anxiety disorder, so we know how important it is for indie authors to be treated with respect, kindness, and to offer emotional support if you need it.
  • Plain speech- We won't use complicated jargon with you without explaining it. We want you to understand what we are trying to teach you and make the business of self-publishing less complicated. If you have a question about a term we use, please ask as we want you to succeed.

Our Story

In February 2016, we launched Magelight Press to accommodate a single indie author. Since then, we have branched out into other services to help new and veteran indie authors get more done in less time by taking on some of the more complicated and less interesting work upon ourselves. Our main goal is to give authors more time to just write, while we work hard to make their creations beautiful and ready for the world.

And we stay ahead of the game with the best software in the business. Since it has released capabilities for print, we give you the option to have us format your books with Vellum for quick, less expensive, beautiful formatting. Or we still offer formatting with Adobe InDesign and Sigil for gorgeous, fully customized books. Whatever your needs, we have you covered so your books either stand out among the crowd, or have that classic, beautiful simplicity that suits your story. And with our fast turnaround time, we make sure you stay on schedule.

Our Promise

Here at Magelight Press, we want to give you the tools necessary to succeed. We strive to offer comprehensive services to meet your needs. To do this, we promise to be an inexpensive solution to as many of your business needs as possible. From formatting to sales copy, we will ensure fast turnaround times, professional quality, beautiful products, and kindness and professionalism in all communications. If you can't afford our services, we will try to accommodate you. Just send us an email and we'll see if we can work something out.

Our goal is to give you the knowledge to achieve excellence in functionality and beauty in every book. Make readers' experiences pleasant and easy on the eyes by offering gorgeous, eye catching books, and making the words virtually disappear with their clean, elegant lines so each reader can get lost in the story rather than jarred out of it by errors, crazy fonts, and horrid formatting. Let us help you turn your manuscript into a masterpiece.

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