Let us take care of the tricks of the trade you don't want to learn or don't have time for. Self-published authors are tasked with so many duties, from social media management to trying to land BookBub ads, that sometimes it's easier to trust a professional with the more tedious aspects of the publishing process. Fill out the form below to schedule the services you want us to handle for you, and we will do our best to provide you with speedy, quality service you can be proud of. Typical response time is under 24 hours, but please allow 24-72 hours for replies.

The services below may change as we grow our team.

Please note that for editing services, we are geared toward Fantasy Romance, Urban Fantasy Romance, and Paranormal Romance genres (we also accept each of these genres without the romance), and Romantic Suspense. Though, we occasionally take Science Fiction Romance and Science Fantasy Romance (also without the romance if applicable) if the premise sparks our interest.

We reserve the right to turn down any project if it does not fit into our tastes. You want someone knowledgeable in your genre, and excited about your book to work on your books so you get the most benefit from any service you hire out. We aim to exceed your expectations, and cannot do so if we are reading a genre we are not intimately familiar with.

All prices are in USD.


(Please round wordcounts up to the nearest thousand. A 52,342 word book would be charged the same as a 53,000 word book, etc.)

  • Pre-Writing Development$25 per hour of text chat (Amount paid before each hour)
    • This includes helping you:
      • Flesh out your story idea before you write
      • Create a working scene or chapter list that hits all the beats
      • Brainstorm your story's theme
      • Figure out your protagonists' and antagonist's goals, motivations, conflicts
      • Brainstorm backstories for your main cast of characters
    • Treat this like talking to your best friend about your story idea, and getting their input. I want to have fun with you while helping you figure all the hard bits out so writing is much easier.
    • I won't plot your book for you, but I will help draw ideas out of your brain with constructive questions so that you can figure the plot out on your own.
      • I will, however, give you ideas if you ask for them.
  • Beta Reading* (Before you edit)- $0.004 per word
    • Our beta reading service includes one reading pass of your book. We will tell you:
      • What worked for us, and why.
      • What didn't work for us, and why.
      • Where we feel your descriptions, dialogue, setting, emotions, or pacing falls flat.
      • Any plot holes we discover.
      • If we catch any typos during this read, we will let you know at no extra cost. But, be aware this is not a proofread, but a fast, thorough read for content.
  • Developmental Edits$0.008 per word
    • Developmental edits include:
      • An itemized scene list, and how it matches up with the beats, with explanations.
      • Ideas of how to hit missing beats
      • Constructive commentary on parts that work exceptionally well, and parts that don't work at all, and why.
      • Ideas on how to fix the issues we found.
      • (Optional) A one-hour discussion over Google Hangouts or Discord about your manuscript
  • Proofreading (After you edit and format)- $0.005 per word
    • Proofreading includes:
      • Checking the formatting for:
        • Inconsistencies in line styles
          • Spaces between paragraphs in some areas, indents in others
          • Using both spaces between paragraphs and indents
        • Quality check
          • Looking for places where justify creates huge gaps between words
          • Making sure your fonts are all consistent throughout the manuscript
          • Making sure the images are crisp and clear instead of pixellated
          • Making sure images correctly align with the text
      • (Complementary service) Checking your fully formatted manuscript one last time to ensure you're:
        • Not missing words
        • Using wander instead of wonder or vice versa (and other similar mistakes)
        • Missing a quote or period, confusing readers
    • This is NOT a line edit or copyedit. This service does not include:
      • Fact checking
      • Grammar perfection
      • Suggestions on rewriting/rewording for effect
      • Fixing your rampant commas
      • Correcting spelling, punctuation, or syntax
      • Ensuring consistency in spelling, capitalization, or hyphenation
      • Tracking internal consistency
      • If your copyeditor and line editor didn't catch it, we probably won't, either.

We offer sample edits of your first 5,000 words for a $10 USD non-refundable fee each. For the full manuscript, a non-refundable deposit of half the agreed upon price is due before we begin beta reading or proofing your work. The final half is due upon receipt of your finished file. We work in Word with track changes for notes.

Please tell us the genre of your book.
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