Graphics are everywhere in the publishing industry. From advertisements and book covers, to website graphics and teasers, you either need a good handle on Photoshop, or know someone who does. At Magelight Press, we provide everything you need, when you need it, at affordable prices. Our turnaround rate is fast, usually within 72 hours. Need it faster? Ask for a rush order at a small additional charge. We want to make your books, social media, advertising, and websites stand out, attract readers and visibility, and showcase your brand in the best way possible.

Here's what we offer:


  • eBook Covers: $250 each.
  • Print Book Covers: $350 each. Note: Ebook covers are free with the purchase of a print book cover.
  • Website Banner: $30 each. A banner that goes across the top of your website to show off your brand and let your visitors see a sample of what you have to offer. This may include a tagline, your pen name, and possibly an artistic collection of your top selling books. Or it could show a few books as a lead in to your newsletter.
  • Newsletter Banner: $30 each. A banner that goes at the top of your newsletter. It can be a resized version of your website banner, or completely different but still showcase your brand.
  • Teasers: $15 each. A 600 px square image that is perfect for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and most other social media postings. It is also perfect for your website or blog. You supply the teaser text, and we'll make it into a stunning image.
  • Print Ads:
    • Single Half Page Ad: $200 each. 8.5in x 5.5in
    • Single Quarter Page Ad: $150 each. 8.5in x 2.5in (gives 0.25in space between two quarter page ads.)
    • Single Full Page Ad: $400 each. 8.5in x 11in
  • Web Ads:
    • Square: $60 each. An 800 px square image.
    • Skyscraper: $80 each. A tall rectangular ad that can go in a sidebar on a website.
    • Banner Ad: $100 each. A wide rectangular ad, similar to a website banner.

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