Learning a new skill can be daunting. What’s more daunting is trying to find reliable resources to learn those skills.

We’re here to help. With our in-depth courses featuring short, concise videos complete with transcripts and written step-by-step instructions, we offer you the tools to learn quickly and effectively. Start applying your new knowledge immediately after each segment, or plow through the entire course to get a broader overview. Each segment is listed in the right sidebar for the course, so if you want to go back to brush up on a technique or skill set, you can easily find the correct video.

Each video is between one minute and ten minutes long. We drill down to basics, giving each video only one skill so that you never have to slog through a long video just to recap on a specific piece of information.

And with all of our workshops, once you sign up for a workshop, it is yours for life for a one-time, affordable fee.

Available Workshops

The InDesign Masterclass, InDesign: Beginner to Master

WordPress 101- From Beginner to Advanced – COMING SOON!

SEO Masterclass – Boost Your Visibility on Search Engines – COMING SOON!

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