magelightpressiconWelcome to Magelight Press

We strive to provide intense, quality entertainment for fantasy and paranormal lovers of all kinds. Visit us often for information on services for Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance, and Urban Fantasy Romance authors of novel length books to short stories. While we specialize in the Gay (M/M) Romance subgenre, we also occasionally work with heterosexual titles. All titles under our imprint are intended for adults ages 18 and up due to possible graphic nature, mature language, and sexually explicit scenes.

At this time, we are not accepting new authors under our imprint.


Why are there no books listed on your site?

As we are not a publishing company or vanity press, we do not display our authors’ books or name without permission. You are your own publisher. We just help you get from point A to point B with as little pain and frustration as possible, and with quality books you can be proud of. On occasion, we publish for an author, but they retain the right to change their retailer listings.


Then what do you actually do?

We consider ourselves akin to a crutch. Some people only need us until they can move around on their own two feet. Some people can’t find their footing, and choose to use us for all projects, either because they find the process too hard or too tedious, or they simply don’t have the time to do things on their own.

Most self-published authors still have day jobs. We understand this, and know that time is something an author has to often fight tooth and nail for against their job, their friends, and sometimes their own family. You have to treat writing like you would an infant. You have to keep it fed (refill your creative well by reading or partaking in other forms of entertainment), clothed (find software and tools that fit your writing style), change it’s nasty diapers (edit those words!), make it nap (good, restful sleep and relaxation time helps keep you from burnout), play with it (if you’re dreading writing, you’re doing it wrong. Writing should be entertaining for both the writer and the reader), and nurture it (put butt to chair and write every day to make it a healthy habit). If you have the time to do everything else related to publishing along with these necessities yourself, we can help teach you what you don’t know. If you don’t have the time or desire to do anything but keep that writing kid happy, protect your writing time by letting us take on that load for you. If you just can’t or don’t want to deal with the hassle, we’re right here for you.

We do the hard stuff so you can just write.

Our Story

In February 2016, we launched Magelight Press to accommodate a single indie author. Since then, we have branched out into other services to help new and veteran indie authors get more done in less time by taking on some of the more complicated and less interesting work upon ourselves. Our main goal is to give authors more time to just write, while we work hard to make their creations beautiful and ready for the world.

Our Promise

Magelight Press is a publishing imprint that focuses on M/M (Gay) Fantasy Romance, Urban Fantasy Romance, and Paranormal Romance books for ebook and print. We strive for excellence in functionality and beauty in every book we publish, and intend to make readers’ experiences pleasant and easy on the eyes by making our book covers gorgeous and eye catching, and making the words virtually disappear with their clean, elegant lines so each reader can get lost in the story rather than jarred out of it by errors, crazy fonts, and horrid formatting.

Self-publishing doesn’t have to mean terrible quality or a poor reading experience. We aim to deliver the best with fast turnaround times, stellar communication, and affordable pricing for indie authors.

Our Founding Principles

  • Utter transparency– If you find anything unclear in our services page, or anywhere else, please email so we may remedy the issue. We want you to know all that we do in as much detail as possible so that you are not left guessing. Some may say this is “over-sharing”, but we consider it a necessity so that each customer knows exactly what they are getting, what they will not be getting, what you need to give us in order to help you, and why we need it.
  • Affordable prices– We know that being a self-published author is hard, both financially and emotionally. We want to help take some of that burden off your shoulders so you can get back to writing.
  • Stellar Service– We aim to take care of you and your needs to the best of our ability with open, honest, caring, and timely communication.
  • Kindness– This industry is hard, and dealing with people shouldn’t be. The owner of Magelight Press suffers from social anxiety disorder, so we know how important it is for indie authors to be treated with respect, kindness, and to offer emotional support if you need it.
  • Plain speech– We won’t use complicated jargon with you without explaining it. We want you to understand what we are trying to teach you and make the business of self-publishing less complicated. If you have a question about a term we use, please ask as we want you to succeed.